Standard outrigger pad 400 x 400 x 60 mm

Standard outrigger pad 400 x 400 x 60 mm
Standard outrigger pad 400 x 400 x 60 mm
Standard outrigger pad 400 x 400 x 60 mm
151 12 60 outriggerpad
outrigger pad for construction work

High quality square outrigger pad made of recycled technical plastics.

Our load capacities are based on a ground resistance of 3kg/cm² and a max. pressure of 10N/mm².

€61.92/piece excl. VAT

More than 40 pieces?
Contact us for a custom price.

  • Shape: Square
  • Load Capacity: 15T
  • Dimensions: 400 mm x 400 mm
  • Materials: UHMWPE R, Rope
  • Thickness: 60 mm
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Handles: 1
  • Color: Black

Lifetime warranty

When buying this product, you receive a lifetime warranty. For more information, please view our warranty section on this website or contact us and we'll help you further.

Voordelen van Lodax pads

  • Ecological (Plastic recycling technology)
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Extremely durable
  • High flexibility
  • Water-repellent
  • No rusting or rotting

 Anti-slip finishing on 1 or both sides

  • Improve the grip of your machines onto the pads
  • Only available for round and square outrigger pads

 Stabilizer foot placement

  • Extra grip thanks to the milled centre
  • A valuable advantage for an easier placement

 Engrave your company name

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Extra marketing tool
  • Prevent theft with a personalized product

 Chain handles instead of standard rope handles

  • Extra strong for heavier pads, important when they are lifted using a machine
  • Higher durability than ropes

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