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Ground protection mats

LODAX Ground protection mats are used to grant access to machines and pedestrians on difficult accessible terrains. They also provide protection to the soil and are frequently used in the landscaping industry, construction sites, maintenance of sport fields, etc.

Lodax premium mats in construction site

Our lodax Ground protection mats

Extra options for lodax Ground protection mats

Anti Slip standard

Anti-slip finishing on one or both sides

Improves the grip of machinery and pedestrians on mats.

Lodax name engraving

Name engravement

Generate brand awareness and prevent theft by engraving your brand name on the mats.

Anti slip milled grooves

Milled grooves anti-slip finishing

Specific finishing for a better grip of tires and tracks of machines.


Extra handles

Extra handles to improve handling and to add extra connection points.


Thanks to the natural characteristics of plastic, LODAX mats are very lightweight. Lighter than steel ground protection mats.

Easy to use

Mats are easy to use due to the standard handles in the material (Budget & Premium Mats).

Durable and flexible solution

Mats are very durable due to the natural flexibility of plastic material. The material adapts itself to the underground, but does not break easily.


Mats are produced of recycled plastic material, which means long term energy conservation and less pollution.

Doesn't absorb water

Lodax Mats don't absorb any water, making them very durable in harsh, humid environments.

Tips for a safe usage of our Lodax ground protection mats

Why should I use ground protection mats on a construction site?

Using ground protection mats on a worksite is a smart decision for various reasons. They offer cost savings in the long term by avoiding expensive repairs and decreasing the need for extra machinery. They also increase the speed of the building process by facilitating speedy and easy movement of heavy equipment, resulting in increased efficiency. These mats additionally provide a safer environment for workers and machinery by establishing a steady and secure surface, thereby decreasing the danger of accidents. Moreover, they protect the surrounding areas and ground from damage due to heavy machinery, thus helping to maintain the natural habitats and reducing ecological impact. Lastly, these mats have versatility and can be utilized in various settings like construction sites, outdoor events, festivals, landscaping projects and many more.

Why should I use ground protection mats in landscaping or gardening?

When doing gardening work, using plastic ground protection mats can offer a lot of benefits. These mats provide all the benefits of traditional steel ground protection mats, including protection from damage and a secure working surface. However, plastic mats are also lightweight and easy to move, making them ideal for quick and easy installation. They're also weather-resistant, so you can use them in any season without worrying about damage or degradation. Additionally, plastic ground protection mats are eco-friendly and can be recycled, reducing waste and minimizing your environmental impact. Using plastic ground protection mats can save you money in the long term by preventing costly repairs, reducing the need for additional equipment, and minimizing the amount of time and money spent on lawn care. Overall, plastic ground protection mats are a versatile and valuable tool for any gardener or landscaper looking to protect their surfaces and make gardening work safer and more efficient.

Do I need connectors for the ground protection mats?

Connecting plastic ground protection mats ensures that the mats remain securely in place, even in challenging weather conditions such as rain, high winds, or snow. This is important because loose mats can create hazardous conditions, causing slips and falls or leading to machinery accidents. Moreover, connecting the plastic ground protection mats can help to increase the lifespan of the mats themselves. When the mats are not connected, they can become damaged more easily due to movement, lifting, and shifting. By connecting the mats, you can help to reduce wear and tear and extend their useful life.

In summary, connecting plastic ground protection mats in a construction site is a crucial safety measure that can provide numerous benefits. It can ensure a stable working surface, prevent hazardous conditions, protect the environment, and extend the life of the mats themselves. As such, it is highly recommended to connect the mats whenever possible to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.

What is the difference between Lodax mats and Lodax premium mats?

Lodax ground protection mats are made of recycled plastic, and there are two different product lines available: regular Lodax road plates and Lodax premium road plates. The regular ground mats are made of plastic with a lower density or quality. However, the Lodax premium road plates are made of higher quality plastic, which means they are more durable and have a longer lifespan.

Due to the difference in material quality, Lodax offers a 10-year warranty for the Lodax premium ground protection mats while a lower warranty is provided for the regular road plates. Therefore, it is advisable to choose Lodax premium road plates if you are looking for a durable and reliable solution for your road plate needs.

It may be sufficient to use regular Lodax ground mats in certain situations, such as when they are used with light machinery up to 15T on a firm, flat, and even surface.

What is the difference between Lodax cross mats and Lodax premium mats?

Both types are equally strong and have a 10-year warranty. The Cross mats road plates have standard 5mm grooves on one side for heavy machinery and 3mm grooves on the other side for pedestrians and lighter vehicles. However, with Lodax premium road mats, you can request various finishes when ordering, such as engraving your name.

When you need to protect the ground, we recommend using Lodax premium ground protection mats because they do not have grooves that can damage the ground. With Cross mats road plates, there are grooves present, which may cause damage to the soil.

Are Lodax ground protection mats certified?

To ensure that we always deliver Lodax premium and cross mats of the same top quality, we organize periodic quality analysis of the material using FTIR analysis. This test can be compared to a DNA analysis: experts check the data against that of the original test to see if they match our approved quality. Thanks to this quality control, we can offer favorable warranty conditions for these road mats. Please note: only Lodax premium and cross mat road plates are certified.

"The quality is consistent and we haven’t had a single problem concerning quality"

“We have chosen LODAX as a partner for following reasons:
• Quality of the product
• Professional attitude and service of the staff
• Excellent price-quality
The quality is consistent and we haven’t had a single problem concerning quality. Our logo is engraved onto the outrigger pads. This option is highly appreciated by our dealers and customers and contributes to the success of our sales."

- Accessories Manager at one of the market leaders of truck-mounted cranes, tail-lifts, …

Lodax mats in use
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