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Ground protection mats

LODAX Ground protection mats are used to grant access to machines and pedestrians on difficult accessible terrains. They also provide protection to the soil and are frequently used in the landscaping industry, construction sites, maintenance of sport fields, etc.

Budgetmats 2440x1220x12mm 2

Our lodax Ground protection mats

Extra options for lodax Ground protection mats

Anti Slip standard

Anti-slip finishing on one or both sides

Improves the grip of machinery and pedestrians on mats.

Lodax name engraving

Name engravement

Generate brand awareness and prevent theft by engraving your brand name on the mats.

Anti slip milled grooves

Milled grooves anti-slip finishing

Specific finishing for a better grip of tires and tracks of machines.


Extra handles

Extra handles to improve handling and to add extra connection points.


Thanks to the natural characteristics of plastic, LODAX mats are very lightweight. Lighter than steel ground protection mats.

Easy to use

Mats are easy to use due to the standard handles in the material (Budget & Premium Mats).

Durable and flexible solution

Mats are very durable due to the natural flexibility of plastic material. The material adapts itself to the underground, but does not break easily.


Mats are produced of recycled plastic material, which means long term energy conservation and less pollution.

Doesn't absorb water

Lodax Mats don't absorb any water, making them very durable in harsh, humid environments.

"The quality is consistent and we haven’t had a single problem concerning quality"

“We have chosen LODAX as a partner for following reasons:
• Quality of the product
• Professional attitude and service of the staff
• Excellent price-quality
The quality is consistent and we haven’t had a single problem concerning quality. Our logo is engraved onto the outrigger pads. This option is highly appreciated by our dealers and customers and contributes to the success of our sales."

- Accessories Manager at one of the market leaders of truck-mounted cranes, tail-lifts, …

Lodax mats in use
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