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Outrigger & crane pads

LODAX outrigger & crane pads offer a safe support for your mobile cranes, concrete pumps, truck mounted cranes, hydraulic hoists, scissor lifts, machines, containers, etc. LODAX outrigger Pads spread the load on a larger surface while also protecting the soil underneath.

Lodax pads in construction site

Our lodax Outrigger & crane pads

Extra options for lodax Outrigger & crane pads

151 BOX600 pads

Outrigger pads boxes

Boxes for outrigger pads for easy storage.

Lodax outrigger pad placement

Stabilizer foot placement

The milled center of the pad assures a safe placement of the stabilizer foot.

Lodax name engraving

Engrave your company name

Prevent theft or increase brand awareness.

Anti slip finishing Lodax

Anti-slip finishing

Opt for an anti-slip finishing on one or both sides to improve grip.

Chains as option Lodax

Chain handles instead of ropes

Stronger than standard rope handles.


Thanks to the natural characteristics of plastic, LODAX pads are very lightweight and easy to handle.

Easy to set up

Pads are easy to use due to the standard handles attached to the pads.


Pads are produced of virgin recycled plastic material, which means long term energy conservation and less pollution.

Durable and flexible solution

Pads are very durable due to the high material quality. The material adapts itself to the underground, but nearly impossible to break.

Does not absorb liquids

LODAX pads don't absorb any water, making them very durable in harsh, humid environments.

Tips for a safe usage of our Lodax outrigger & crane pads

Why should I use outrigger pads?

Outrigger pads are used to put below the outriggers or stabilizers of heavy machinery. The pads spread the load on a bigger surface resulting in a much improved stability of the machine.

What are the risks of not using pads?

The risks of not using pads are: tipping over of the machine, sinking into the surface

How do I choose the right outrigger pad?

You can view our step-by-step guide on how to choose the appropriate outrigger pad for you.

View our guide!

Are outrigger pads obligated by European law?

Outrigger pads are not obligated by law, however it is the responsibility of any machine operator to assure a safe work environment at all times. By setting up outrigger pads, one can be sure that a machine has increased stability.

Why use LODAX pads instead of wooden pads?

Lodax pads are made of virgin recycled plastic material. Due to the natural characteristics of plastic, it does not absorb any liquids and is very resistant against most chemicals. Wooden pads are very popular thanks to the low price. However, wood is a material that can break or splinter. When used in wet, hot and cold environments such as construction sites, wood tends to show signs of weakness and has to be replaced in a couple of years.

Lodax pads are very resistant to environmental changes and liquids which results in a long lifetime. This is one of the main reasons why we offer lifetime guarantee on our standard outrigger pads.

Why use plastic LODAX outrigger pads instead of metal pads?

Lodax outrigger plates are much lighter compared to their metal variants. Easily moving or changing outrigger pads becomes almost impossible due to the heaviness of the material. Moreover, metal can suffer from corrosion after a while, reducing its durability.

Lodax outrigger plates or outrigger pads are super resistant to all weather conditions and can even handle liquids like a champ. That means they are very durable and you can use them for years to come. To show you that we really believe in our Lodax quality, we offer a lifetime warranty on our standard outrigger plates.

"The quality is consistent and we haven’t had a single problem concerning quality"

“We have chosen LODAX as a partner for following reasons:
• Quality of the product
• Professional attitude and service of the staff
• Excellent price-quality
The quality is consistent and we haven’t had a single problem concerning quality. Our logo is engraved onto the outrigger pads. This option is highly appreciated by our dealers and customers and contributes to the success of our sales."

- Accessories Manager at one of the market leaders of truck-mounted cranes, tail-lifts, …

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