Trench Bridge

LODAX trench bridges help create safe crossing paths over trenches. The bridges are very light and can be setup by just 1 person in a few seconds. Made of extremely strong plastic material which can hold up to 1 ton kg per plate, which makes them strong enough for light vehicles.


Our lodax Trench Bridge

Light but strong

Reinforced bottom plate made of ultra-hard recycled plastic. Can hold up to 1000 kg per plate.

Effortless handling

Only one person needed for setup.

Durable plastic material

Resistant to degradation caused by weather conditions: does not rust, rot, etc.


Can be connected to other trench bridges to cover longer trenches.

Anti-slip surface

to increase safety while crossing


Increases visibility.

Drill holes

To secure to the ground for an increased stability and to avoid theft.

DIN4420-1 standards approved

Trench Bridges meet the DIN 4420-1 standards for working and protection.

Trench Bridge with car 2 railings
155 01 01 2 trenchbridge
20190307 IMG 0064
Anti slip caps

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