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Outrigger pads

Our standard outrigger pads are there to support your heavy machinery. The pads are made of virgin recycled plastic which offer you the best benefits in all difficult weather conditions.

We offer the following square and round pads:

We offer lifetime warranty on our standard round and square pads. Please see our warranty section for more details.

Follow our step-by-step guide to know which outrigger pad is best for your use.

Load Capacity

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We also manufacture custom made products

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Thanks to our extended manufacturing capabilities and engineering department we can produce custom size:

  • Outrigger pads
  • Ground protection mats
  • Ramps
  • Etc.
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Frequently asked questions about outrigger pads
When to use outrigger plates or outrigger pads?

Outrigger plates or outrigger pads are essential for preventing vehicles such as mobile telescopic cranes, cranes, aerial work platforms, concrete pumps, campers or all vehicles with stabilizers and support feet from tipping over when work is carried out on softer ground, grassland, building sites, asphalt,...
The outrigger plates are available in square and round shapes but also exist in other types.
Thanks to the high elasticity of HMPE 500 regenerate, the plates can withstand large deformations without cracking or breaking.
They are also resistant to chemical influences such as UV radiation, petrol, diesel oil, cleaning agents, greases and, of course, weathering. Thanks to the high rigidity, the load is ideally distributed, thus reducing damage to the surface and improving vehicle stability.

How to choose the right outrigger or crane pad?

Take a look at our step-by-step guide. This will help you choose the best stamping plate for your specific situation.

What are the risks of not using outrigger plates or outrigger pads?

The risks of not using outrigger plates or outrigger pads are: tipping over of the machine, sinking into the surface, etc.

Why use Lodax outrigger plates instead of metal or steel outrigger pads?

Compared to metal outrigger pads, Lodax pads are much lighter in weight. This makes it easier to move or change the pads, something that is almost impossible with metal plates due to the heavy material. In addition, metal pads often suffer from corrosion over time, which negatively affects their durability.

Lodax outrigger plates, also known as outrigger pads, are highly resistant to various weather conditions and can even handle (chemical) liquids effortlessly. This makes them particularly durable and suitable for long-term use. We believe so strongly in the quality of our Lodax products that we offer a lifetime warranty on our standard outrigger pads.

Why use LODAX outrigger pads instead of wooden ones?

Lodax outrigger pads are made of recycled plastic. Thanks to the natural properties of plastic, it does not absorb liquids and is highly resistant to most chemicals. Wooden outrigger pads are very popular thanks to their low price. However, wood is a material that can break or splinter. When used in wet, hot and cold environments, such as construction sites, wood can show signs of weakness and needs to be replaced after only a few years after purchase.

Lodax pads are highly resistant to environmental changes and liquids, resulting in a long service life. This is one of the main reasons why we offer a lifetime warranty on our standard outrigger pads.

Are outrigger pads mandatory under European legislation?

Outrigger pads are not required by law, but it is every machine operator's responsibility to ensure a safe working environment at all times. Using outrigger plates or outrigger pads can ensure that a machine is more stable.

Are Lodax pads certified?

To ensure that we always deliver Lodax pads and mats with the same level of premium quality, we organise a periodical quality analysis of the material using FTIR analysis. This test can be compared to a DNA analysis – experts check the data with those of the original test to see if it matches our “approved” quality. We stand behind the quality of our products and therefore offer favourable warranty conditions.

Lodax pads in construction site
Lodax pads in construction site
Lodax pads in construction site
Lodax pads in construction site
lodax outrigger pad round
Round outrigger pad
Unbreakable outrigger pads - crane pads

Advantages of plastic outrigger pads of Lodax

Lighter weight: plastic outrigger plates are often lighter than metal plates, making them easier to move or change.
Corrosion resistance:
plastic sheets are resistant to corrosion, which means they last longer in outdoor environments or in environments with a lot of moisture and will also not rot like wooden outrigger pads.
Lower cost:
plastic pads are often cheaper than metal pads, making them a budget-friendly option.
plastic pads can be easily customised for unique applications and personalised branding.
plastic pads are often more flexible than metal pads, making them more resistant to impact and vibration.
plastic pads are often more durable than metal pads, making them last longer and less likely to be damaged.

However, keep in mind that plastic outrigger pads also have their limitations, such as weight capacity, impact resistance and stiffness. LODAX outrigger pads are made of very high-quality plastic. As a result, we offer extremely attractive warranty conditions.

Outrigger pads are primarily used in these sectors:

Construction sector

Construction Sector

Gardening horticulture

Horticultural sector

Event management

Event management

Military ground protection mat


Caring sector

Healthcare industry

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